Home Reversion Scheme

A Home Reversion Scheme is a type of equity release that allows you to sell either a percentage or all of your home to an investment company who will pay you a lump sum and allow you to remain in your home for the rest of your (and your Partners) life.  Although you are no longer the legal owner, you have a legal right to remain in your home until you die or leave the home permanently.  In some circumstances it is possible to move home if you wish and take the scheme with you.
Why not try our easy to use calculator to find out how much you may be able to release from your home?

Equity Release Calculator

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No Negative Equity Guarantee

A No Negative Equity Guarantee means that however much equity you release from your home you can never owe more than the value of your home.  This means that you will not leave a debt to your estate or beneficiaries.